The Guide to Malta Work Visas and Permits

Are you dreaming of working in the picturesque island nation of Malta? Well, you’re in luck! In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through obtaining a Malta work visa or permit, providing tips and tricks to ensure a smooth application process. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, working professional, or a blue-collar worker, this guide is your one-stop solution to understanding the extensive factors, patterns, and steps involved in securing your dream job in Malta.

Applying for a work visa can be daunting, especially in a foreign country. But fear not! We’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has streamlined the application process, breaking it down into straightforward steps that anyone can follow. Gone are the days of confusion and frustration. With our guide, you’ll have all the necessary information and resources to navigate the bureaucratic maze of authorities, officials, and professionals. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let us take you on a journey towards your dream career in Malta.

Understanding types of work permits in Malta

Understanding the Malta Work Visa can be straightforward with the correct information. You need to be aware of different types of Malta work permits.

  • One is the Single Permit, designed for employees with extensive previous work experience. The Malta single work permit is a type of visa that allows skilled workers to work and live in Malta. It is specifically designed for key employees with extensive previous work experience looking to gain employment in Malta. The single permit streamlines the application process by combining the work and residence permits into one document.
  •  Second is the Key Employment Initiative, which is a streamlined and straightforward process for obtaining a work visa in Malta. It is specifically designed for skilled workers, also known as key employees, with extensive previous work experience. This visa has the least processing time of just 5 days. Here are the requirements required to apply for this:
    • Relevant skills and work experience for the qualified job.
    • An annual salary of at least €30,000.
    • Your previous work experience documents for the last three years.
  • Another type is the Blue Card, which is specifically for skilled workers in crucial employment initiatives. When applying for these permits, gathering all the necessary documents, such as copies of your previous work experiences, is essential. Following the fixed patterns and steps the authorities and officials endorsed is also crucial. Doing so allows you to navigate the bureaucratic maze easily and increases your chances of a successful application.

Malta Work Visa Requirements

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit when applying for a Malta work visa and work permit

  • Your valid passport: Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages for the visa and entry stamp.
  • Work visa application form: The application must be completed and signed. Make sure you fill out the application form with your updated information.
  • A passport-sized photo: Make sure the photos have colors and a light background. See Schengen photo guidelines for further information.
  • A work contract. The work contract must contain your job description, salary, beginning date, and end date of employment.
  • Your updated CV: You must prepare a CV with your previous work experiences and employer references.
  • Medical insurance: You must purchase travel health insurance with at least €30,000 coverage within the Schengen area, valid for the initial duration of your trip. Since you will likely live and work in Malta long-term, you should register for a more comprehensive health insurance policy after arrival.
  • Accommodation proof: Document proof that you have a place to stay while working in Malta. It can be a rental agreement, hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from friends, family members, etc.
  • Flight itinerary. Proof that you have booked a flight to Malta.

Note: You may be asked for additional documents depending on your situation and the country you applied from. Failing to submit any relevant document(s) can result in visa rejection.

Application Process for Malta Work Visa

Getting a work visa for Malta can be straightforward if you follow the streamlined steps and gather all the necessary documents and information. The application process can take several months, so starting early is essential. First, you must find a Malta company willing to hire foreign nationals.

Once you have a job offer, you must obtain an employment contract and a cover letter from your employer. These documents should outline your qualifications and the period of time you will be working in Malta. Next, you must apply for a Short-Stay Visa at the Maltese embassy in your home country.

You must provide a valid passport, a passport photo, proof of accommodation, and proof of employment. Once you have obtained the Short-Stay Visa, you can apply for an employment license from Identity Malta. This process can take a few weeks, as it involves thoroughly reviewing your qualifications and the company’s need for foreign workers.

Once your employment license is approved, you can apply for a work visa. You must pay the necessary visa fees and provide a copy of your employment license, an invitation letter from the company, and proof of accommodations.

The final step is to wait for the approval of your work visa, which can take a few weeks. Once you have your visa, you can start working in Malta and enjoy all the opportunities this beautiful island country offers.


In conclusion, obtaining a work visa for Malta may seem daunting, but it can be a smooth and hassle-free process with the right guidance and preparation. By understanding the different types of work permits in Malta, meeting the necessary requirements, and following the application process diligently, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to gather all the required documents, including copies of your employment contract, cover letter, and proof of accommodations and employment. Starting early is essential, as the application process can take several months.

At Migrant Group, we understand the complexities of the Malta work visa process and are here to assist you in every step of the way. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the authorities and can provide you with the necessary guidance and support.

Contact us today for a seamless, hassle-free, smooth, and fast process to apply for your Malta work permit and visa. Let us take care of the paperwork and logistics so you can focus on preparing for your new adventure in Malta. Don’t let the visa process hold you back from the fantastic opportunities in this beautiful island country.

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